AUSBB- Australian Bodybuilding Forum Challenge Board!

Here you can post videos of your impressive feats of strength. The name of the game is to perform as many strict reps as you can with a given weight. Film the whole set, and get a close up of the plates used so we can verify the weight. Upload to YouTube, or any other video hosting site, then post your link on this board. You must be a forum member to be included on the leaderboard.

All movements must be executed properly to qualify - No Exceptions!

Bench: Bar to touch chest, then full lockout, no bouncing.
Deads: Bar must touch floor on each rep, small bounce allowed, straps/chalk/belt allowed.
Squat: Thighs parallel with floor at bottom, belt allowed.
Shoulder press: Performed standing. Bar must travel from clavicles to lockout. No knee push, unless otherwise stated.
Chins: Full extension at bottom, chin must touch bar or go over.
Dips: Lockout at top, upper arm parallel with floor at bottom.