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    Default Movement Hierarchies

    1. Squat

    • Box squat, air squat, dumbbell squat, back squat, front squat, overhead squat

    2. Single-leg Squat

    • Lunge, box step-up, reverse lunge, hanging-leg pistol from box, elevated-leg pistol from box, pistol

    3. Jump and Land

    • Jumping mechanics, (broad jump), box jump, (rebounding box jump)*

    4. Hip and Trunk Flexion (seated)

    • Butterfly sit-up, feet-anchored military sit-up, weighted sit-up, Roman chair sit-up, GHD sit-up

    5. Hip and Trunk Flexion (hanging, bent knee)

    • Supine knee draw, hanging knee raise, knees-to-elbows, kipping knees-to-elbows, (skin-the cat)*

    6. Hip and Trunk Flexion (hanging, straight leg)

    • Supine leg raise, hanging straight leg raise, toes-to-bar, kipping toes-to-bar, (glide kip)*

    7. Hip and Trunk Flexion (static)

    • Tuck sit, L-sit knee extensions, L-sit, (L-sit on rings)*, (V-sit)*

    8. Hip and Trunk Extension

    • Good morning, hip extension, back extension, hip and back extension, (glute ham raise)*

    9. Pull Object (ground to hip)

    • Romanian deadlift, deadlift

    10. Pull Object (ground to shoulder)

    • Muscle clean, power clean, power clean + front squat, clean
    • Dumbbell muscle clean, db power clean, db power clean + front squat, db clean, db split clean

    11. Pull Object (ground to overhead)

    • Muscle snatch, power snatch, power snatch + overhead squat, snatch
    • Dumbbell muscle snatch, db power snatch, db power snatch + overhead squat, db snatch

    12. Pull to Object (strict, horizontal)

    • Ring row, false grip ring row

    13. Pull to Object (strict, vertical)

    • Static hang, scapular pull-up, piked ring row, band-assisted pull-up, pull-up, weighted pull-up

    14. Pull to Object (kipping)

    • Kip swing, kipping pull-ups, chest-to-bar kipping pull-up, butterfly pull-up

    15. Push Away from Object (horizontal)

    • Push-up from box, push-up, ring push-up

    16. Push Object (horizontal)

    • Floor press, bench press

    17. Push Away from Object (vertical)

    • Parallette dip, box dip, bar dip, ring dip

    18. Push Object (vertical)

    • Press, push press, push jerk, split jerk
    • Dumbbell press, db push press, db push jerk, db split jerk

    19. Push Away from Object (vertical, inverted, static)

    • Down dog pike hold, pike hold from box, kick up to handstand, wall-assisted handstand, (freestanding handstand)

    20. Push Away from Object (vertical, inverted, dynamic)

    • Down dog push-up, pike push-up from box, handstand push-up, kipping HSPU, (deficit HSPU) *, (freestanding HSPU)

    21. Push Away from Object (vertical, inverted, ambulatory)

    • Inchworm/walkback, wallwalk, nose-to-wall handstand, (shoulder taps)*, (handstand walk)*

    22. Hybrid (pull to object [vertical], jump and land)

    • Jumping pull-up

    23. Hybrid (pull to object [vertical], hip and trunk flexion [static])

    • L-hang knee extensions, L-hang, L pull-up

    24. Hybrid (squat, push-up, jump and land)

    • Box burpee, step-up burpee, burpee

    25. Hybrid (squat, push object)

    • Dumbbell thrusters, thrusters

    26. Hybrid (sit-up, push object, single-leg squat)

    • Floor press and sit-up, Turkish get-up

    27. Hybrid (squat, push object, throw)

    • Medicine ball front squats, wallballs

    28. Hybrid (pull to object [vertical], push away from object [vertical])

    • Muscle-up from floor, band-assisted muscle-up, L-hang muscle-up, muscle-up, bar muscle-up

    29. Hybrid (squat, pull to object [vertical])

    • Rope climb from seated, plank rope climb, rope climb, legless rope climb

    30. Kettlebells

    • Russian swing, American swing

    31. Monostructural (run)

    • (Walk)*, run

    32. Monostructural (row)

    • Row

    33. Monostructural (jump rope)

    • Rope skips, timed double-under attempts, double-unders
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    That's all well and good but where are the triceps kickbacks?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bull View Post
    That's all well and good but where are the triceps kickbacks?

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    At least least you understood the chart.
    I got NFI. 😃
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