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    Quote Originally Posted by Shrek View Post
    I wasn't going to mention my last order of protein power had a hole in the bag or you only gave me 4 x 100gms of DAA instead of the order of 5 and no shaker, but poor service is poor.
    Hi Shrek,

    Sorry to hear your free shaker wasn't added to your order.
    These fly out our factory doors so we can assure you that you weren't specifically targeted in the hope to save on a shaker or for any other reason mentioned above.

    Our customer service team is on standby for anything like this though. During business hours we've made it easier to simply tap the chat button while you're on our website to reach out for a helping hand rather than the agony of sending an email to our customer service team who are also on standby (or phone line - the 3 choices are up to you but live chat seems easier).

    Reach out to us! We have helped for all reasons when a code may not work. Incorrect way of adding it (as someone mentioned, add it first, then add the code to make it free) to incorrect style of shaker added to expired codes and even to our own fault where there may have been a website error - if the customer was entitled to it, we've had it fixed and added.

    The same way if you got home from grocery shopping and can clearly see you've paid for an item on your receipt but it wasn't in your bag when you got home. I would hope you would request that the missing item is given to you? In our case, we have never refused a customer that by human error was sent an item short in their order and not sent them what they paid for - if they made contact with us soon after their order.

    Unfortunately however, we can't help if we are not asked for help. We'll never know it's happened unless we hear from you (or we stroll past it in a forum post). The effort made into multiple posts on an internet forum could be directed to our Customer Service team to get a direct result, we can assure you.

    Of course we're more than happy to send you your free shaker - catch us in live chat (click "chat" on our website) or email
    It's yours.
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    Damn promo code still not working...
    Hidden Content Originally Posted by Darkoz Hidden Content
    'Life was much simpler when there was just a dick and a snatch'.

    Click it, you know you want to..
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    Quote Originally Posted by Repacked View Post
    Damn promo code still not working...
    Thats odd i ordered something a week ago and it worked fine.

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