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Thread: Whey protein vs white bread..., don't fool yourself!

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    Default Whey protein vs white bread..., don't fool yourself!

    Hang on a sec mate. Whey protein and white bread in the same sentence, and if that wasn't enough, you're pitching one against the other? It's got to be some joke right? No, no joke here.

    If I was talking protein, then yes sure, it would be the joke of the century, however I'm talking about something many athletes (bodybuilders in particular) are being fooled by yet not realising that fact. OK, so what are we talking about here then? Insulin stimulation, that's what.

    I've written about this fact on Ausbb maybe back in 2009, but I doubt many took notice. Since then, we've had many staunch paleo and high fat low carb subscribers feeling good about themselves for controlling the release of their insulin hormone. Well I'm sorry (or maybe not) to be the one to burst your bubble of delusion. You, yes you, the basher of anyone who does not subscribe to your way of eating (all those good fats and wonderful protein foods), at the expense of carbohydrates, you sir, have been fooled..., fooled by none other than your own self. Why do I say that, why is the laugh on you instead of the person who's holding a white bread cheese sandwich let's say? Because your whey protein has the power built within it to be the king when it comes to insulin stimulation and secretion, raising (or spiking) its levels through the roof. Really, how's that? Again, it's something I've written about back in 2009 on Ausbb, and it's none other than that protein synthesis driver of them all, the mighty amino acid Leucine. Yes, this amino which is very high in dairy food (and WPI belongs to dairy), is very insulinemic by nature, more so than white bread. So avoiding white bread and other carbohydrates based on the way they supposedly affect our insulin secretion levels, one ought to also stop buying and consuming whey protein since it has an even stronger effect on said levels. But we don't see that amongst those particular bodybuilders now do we?

    Hey, forget Leucine in the white bread, or even its protein content and make up as a whole, this powerhouse of an amino acid alone, is sufficient to get your insulin level sky rocketing. Mmm, does that mean that now that I'm on this high protein eating plan through WPI ingestion "thingy", am I going to somehow turn me into a sumo wrestler looking wise, instead of a lean muscular bodybuilder? Well yes of course, if you believe all the doom and gloom that the two camps I've mentioned would have you believe when it comes to this so called fat gaining hormone insulin..., a hormone that one needs to control at all cost lest one turn into a fat blob! Not so quick. Just like the white bread episode not being what it appears on the surface, so insulin's effects on our body are not so black and white as some "gurus" would have you believe.

    So go ahead and enjoy your white crispy toast with butter on top, and nod your head with a smile on your face next time the anti-carbohydrate camp point their fingers and laugh at you and shout...insulin rise insulin rise = fat !! The laugh is on them, which their lack of knowledge on the subject, coupled with their (ignorant) and arrogance stance won't allow them to admit to their own-selves.

    If you have chosen not to eat white bread or other carbohydrates for reasons that have nothing to do with my post, that is your prerogative, and in that case it's really non of my business what you do. But the minute you point the finger at the white bread white potato eating bodybuilder, whilst sipping on a whey protein drink to help build your muscles, claiming all sort of falsehood on the subject....,under such circumstances, this post is for you.
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    I have been aware of this since reading 'Carb Nite' and 'Carb Back Loading', not sure if it was one or the other that mentioned and explained exactly this.

    I belive it was Carb Back Loading that took advantage of the Whey protein insulin spike to trigger muscle growth. Can't really remember, as I did not really follow either of them but found them interesting reading.
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