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    Default "This Day Tonight: Beefcake (1975)"

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    In my opinion, the problem lies with one's own self-image. Everyone has a bodybuilder within them (I'm not talking about muscles but attitude), yet only the bodybuilder is the one who is courageous enough to say (with his body) that hey, I'm not afraid nor ashamed to do what you (the ignorant public) would love to do.

    I did say attitude instead of muscles, and I'll explain what I meant here. Everyone , every human has bit of self-centeredness, selfishness, love of one's self, respect of one's self, wanting to excel and be better; different, unique, or all those things combined. Bodybuilding says it and says it out loud, it does not hide nor is it ashamed to tell the whole world who you are as a person. A bodybuilder is not afraid of letting people in into his deeper psyche. Yes, I am one who gives a damn of how I look and how I feel, and I am not afraid to show it, and I don't particularly care if you don't approve. That's the image the body of a bodybuilder is exhibiting to the public, some of whom would love to trade places, yet care just a little bit more about this or that than to allocate the time and dedication to one's self. And for that shortfall of theirs (call it laziness call it what you like), they feel they can (and it's within their right) to take their frustration out on us , as is evident by the so many negative and/or ignorant comments they have been making back in the 70s, 80s, and today in 2016.

    When a bodybuilder behaves with kindness; respect, consideration, etc..., qualities the ignorant public believes might belong to someone who looks "normal", or qualities that are somewhat/somehow reserved only to a particular group in our society, but definitely not for someone who "is surely up himself", the ignorant gets shocked, and begins to think or yes, this particular one is the exception and not the rules. Granted some in the iron game do not portray or give out a good impression, yet what people fail to realise is that the bodybuilder stands out because of his body, and people usually remember what and who stands out from the rest, instead of a person who does not, and so we (the bodybuilders at large) get stereotyped into a negative light overall, even when rudeness comes from all walks of life.

    I say give the bodybuilder a break, by first educating yourself about what bodybuilding is all about, and secondly, by perhaps meeting and talking with a bodybuilder. Our winning and positive attitude might just surprise you, and it may just be what you've always needed to get your own ball of life rolling.
    1984 Age 18, BW 73kg: FS195kg, BS200kg, 162.5 3x10, PC 140kg, C&J 160kg. 1987 Age 22, BW 77kg BS 130kg x20, 120kg x50.

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