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Thread: Squat Racks - Rogue SML and ...this other one

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    Default Squat Racks - Rogue SML and ...this other one

    Who knows about Rogue's SML racks and either of these? They all appear the same except branding...

    Crossfire Multi Assault Rack from GymDirect
    SPX Rack from AussieStrength
    URS Top Grade Rack from UrbanRX

    After reading a bit online I'm now just looking at the SML-2 or 3 and this other rack.

    Mainly wanting to know about build quality. Have read of some racks/cages having some kind of partial welds. GymDirect have a test report on their page which states it's safely rated for plenty more than the SML racks. It has a larger footprint so should be more stable I'm guessing. But this rack is sold by a bunch of different stores and branded as whatever they want which means it's asian made and probably lesser quality.

    Any thoughts? They've been available since 2012 from reading forums. Anyone had one for a while?

    Would any of you spend more and buy the Rogue instead?
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    I have the rogue S2 rack and it's awesome. High Quality, great foot print for my single garage.

    I've seen both the Gymdirect and Urban RX racks; they are bigger than my s2, they felt heavy duty and would be able to handle anything I could throw at them. There are a bunch of folks using muscle motion or force USA racks which are all coming out of china, so I don't think it's something to concern yourself about.

    Gymdirect have a solid reputation.

    I think Sam's fitness also do an ironmaster half rack (USA brand, China produced) you could look at for $750 or a German squat rack for $1.5k

    Iron Edge did the same rack for $1.7k

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    Thanks Drifter

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