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    I'm all for national/international athletes taking steroids responsibly. What do I mean by that? Just as we have a culture that accepts drinking responsibly, in that same light, top athletes ought to be afforded the best medicine has to offer on the way to reaching their sporting goal. If you disagree with my view, and you're not happy with the current state we find national/international sport in, I'd be very interested to read what you have to offer in the way of hitting two birds with one stone, i.e. looking after the top athlete's health, whilst simultaneously assisting him in getting the best out of his genetic potential. Thank you.
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    Fadi, good point.

    I also argued in an academic article that key public policy goal for drugs in sport was to minimizes side effects through education. I argued this because the overwhelming majority of drug users will never be subject to testing as they are not elite athletes.

    As for a desirable low level of assistance, it is a possibility. Most recently it was announced that transexuals could compete as women, but must have a testosterone level of below 10nmol for the previous 12 months.

    I think this model would still have problems given potential for abuse, whether for males or females, but the debate can and does shift.
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