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Thread: joy Flint keen to fly Aussie flag at bodybuilding world champs

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    Default joy Flint keen to fly Aussie flag at bodybuilding world champs

    IT WAS this time last year that Joy Flint won the Australian masters figure champion title.
    Now, she is taking on the world.
    Flint is in the midst of rigorous training and dieting to get ready for the UFE World Championships.
    The bodybuilding competition will be held in Toronto, Canada, on November 9.
    "I have now been training and dieting for over 20 weeks, getting myself prepared," Flint said.
    "I am going as part of the ANB Australian team.
    "This is a natural federation within the bodybuilding world."
    Winning an Australian title last year saw Flint selected for the team of bodybuilders, made up of men and women, who will head to Canada.
    What makes the journey extra special for the Scottish-born Flint is that she will be able to fly the Australian flag legitimately after she received her citizenship on September 17.

    "It was really important for me to rush through my citizenship.
    "I have been adopted by this country and I wanted to be able to do it, compete, for Australia," she said.
    Flint is currently living on a diet of kangaroo meat, chicken, fish, green beans and kale to prepare for the competition.
    While some in the bodybuilding world go to extreme lengths to have their muscles stand out on competition day, Flint believes in taking a healthy approach to her sport and does not deplete her body of carbohydrates or water.
    The aim of training is to trim down on body fat so the competitors' muscles stand out, which is helped by a dark tan to give the contours definition.
    Flint cuts down her body fat through daily workouts, which is helped by her job as a personal trainer at iGym in Salamander Bay.
    You can follow Flint's journey by heading to her Facebook page Joy Flint - Australian Masters Figure Champion and Personal Trainer.
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    For a figure model, she has a lot of junk food on her profile page.

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