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Thread: December 2013 Newsletter - our latest updates

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    Default December 2013 Newsletter - our latest updates


    Ok, it’s not a corny late night infomercial, we’re not offering you a 60 second plan to get those abdominals showing quick. Instead, through December our free promotion with orders over $250 is a free six pack of Muscle Food 101, our “all in one” Muscle Gainer combination product.

    Muscle Food 101 contains a great blend of healthy carbohydrates, whey protein and MCTs which has been a very popular product since its launch.

    Muscle Food 101


    Bulk Nutrients has re-released its very effective Pre Workout 101.

    In summary, Pre Workout 101 was Bulk Nutrients’ answer to the Pre Workout dilemma.

    It contains both effective stimulants for immediate workout performance, while also containing clinical doses of key performance related amino acids.

    If you want to have more energy while training, improve workout performance and the intensity of your sessions then we wholeheartedly recommend Pre Workout 101.

    Note that in the lengthy reformulation process, Pre Workout 101 now tastes significantly better, while all previous issues of clumping are solved.

    Pre Workout 101


    Just in time for summer, we have a new range of Bulk Nutrients Singlets available.

    These Singlets are great for casual wear, the beach or the gym, and we have different styles available for both men and women.

    Available in a large range of sizes, almost everyone is accommodated with a Bulk Nutrients singlet. Modelling the singlets in these pics are Motocross Extraordinaire, Dylan Leary and Australian Fitness Champion, Alicia Gowans.

    Please note we can’t guarantee you’ll have the talent of each by wearing the singlet, but we’re sure they’ll make you look great.

    Bulk Nutrients Clothing


    Consistent with our plan to continually develop both our protein and amino acid flavouring systems, we have released the fourth flavour option for BCAA Recovery.

    Joining Lime, Orange and Tropical, our new Apple/Raspberry will be a refreshing change for many and creates further variety for customers. BCAA Recovery is specifically formulated to be consumed during and directly after training and with its combination of clinically dosed BCAAs and Citrulline Malate.

    Both research and empirical reports from customers suggest this is a great combination for recovery and for reducing muscle soreness.

    BCAA Recovery

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    If you have a friend or family member who is a keen supplement user, then our gift voucher options may interest you.

    We are offering a variety of gift vouchers on the Bulk Nutrients site over the Christmas period, from $20 to $100, and these are a great gift idea for both existing customers and people who are yet to use our range.

    Once purchased, a special gift voucher email will be sent to the recipient, they will receive a unique code which they can then enter when using the Bulk Nutrients site.

    Bulk Nutrients Gift Voucher


    At Bulk Nutrients we have always had a large emphasis on great customer service, however we have recently made an important change which should assist customers with both technical enquiries, ordering and any postal issues more than ever before.

    Ryan Bevan, who has been one of our longest running employees, is now dedicated to order enquiries and logistical questions, where Luke Fuller can now solely focus on product technical questions and advice. This has been made possible due to our continued expansion of the company, so we thank our customers greatly

    for making this possible.

    We fully expect that the team of Luke, Ryan with Nick and James on social media customer service will surpass everyone’s expectations.

    Bulk Nutrients Product

    Bulk Nutrients Calculators

    Bulk Nutrients Monthly Newsletter


    Our Facebook community is a great way to share training and diet ideas, discuss products and generally connect with like-minded people.

    Are you looking to score a sample pack or bonus offer? We regularly have give-aways and promotions on Facebook, so become our friend, like our page and you may be our next winner!


    GIFT VOUCHERS - $20 - $100 - $20.00 - Bulk Nutrients Gift Voucher

    MUSCLE FOOD 101 - 2.5KG - $45.00 - Muscle Food 101

    SINGLETS - WOMEN'S & MEN'S - $17.00 - Bulk Nutrients Clothing

    RECUPER8 - 2.5KG - $45.00 - Recuper8

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