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Way too many to mention. Probably see on average 8-10 bands a year for each of the last 15 years, plus I go to Soundwave each year.

Went to a few BDOs early in the piece but their lineups don't do a thing for me these days.

Best I have seen:
Faith No More reunion show a couple of years back.
Tool (seen em 5 times and they are phenomenal live).
Prince (the dude did about 6 encores. Played for close to 4 hours).
Dillinger Escape Plan for pure intensity.

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i'm a huge faith no more fan. i saw then in 1997 and 2010. anything to do with them i'm a total geek. i play bass and have both same basses used by billy gould including his signature model zon bass custom built for me in USA and signed by bassist bill gould.
my first ever real gig i went to was mr bungle at the corner hotel about 1996. i don't really go to gig or concerts these days other than to actually play them but i saw a lot of big concerts in my othr job i did for 12 years. i nevrr liked going music festivals lol!

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Dream Theater x2
my fave album by them is "awake" i play it heaps.