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Took a rental car with family and cats from Brissy to Gladstone,and drove the whole way without stopping until we got to tannum sands which is about 20 km south where we filled up the tank. Cost me 37 bucks for a 520+ km drive. It would cost much more driving that distance in NZ.
It freaked me out a little driving through the sunshine coast after being in a small town with hardly any traffic to being on a highway with it almost bumper to bumper.
Yep, Brissy to Gladstone straight. I think that's why the A1 around Miriam Vale was so notorious for crashes - bad road (in the past) and people starting to tire.

Gladstone is pretty hectic around Kin Kora Mall though. When we left in 81 there was a small Airport, Golf Course, Caravan Park, smallish one story Kin Kora Mall, Racecourse, a few Schools, Sports fields, small Marina, few suburbs then take out everything else basically except the Industry. Now its Roundabouts, traffic lights, traffic islands etc. Beautifully kept gardens and Council areas though. Beautiful.