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    Default Test Booster Res100

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    Res100 Click to Buy

    Ok I am going to post a lot of info here and all the info is important to understand exactly how Res100 Works to increase not only testosterone but also improve your health. I will also post some reviews so you can see how well this supplement is already proven with blood work on testosterone/LH/FSH levels and reviews on feelings of improvement.

    The Most Powerful Testosterone Booster Wicked Supplements Res100
    Natural ingredients delivered straight to the blood stream by direct absorption through the inside of the mouth and the digestive track.
    Resveratrol blocks estrogen and boosts testosterone
    7,8 Benzoflavone increases libido and supports fertility
    Enhances blood flow to the penis for harder erections
    Increases sexual sensitivity, pleasure and ejaculatory volume
    Clears plaque from artery walls for cardiovascular health
    Natural milk thistle extract has zero side-effects
    Natural liver protector, rejuvenator and cleanser
    SEDDS (Self-emulsifying drug delivery system)

    How exactly does Resveratrol 100 increase Testosterone?
    To understand how Resveratrol 100 increases Testosterone it’s important to understand the Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Testicular-Axis (HPTA).
    In a normal healthy male, luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) are sent from the brain (the pituitary) to stimulate the testes to make testosterone and sperm.
    The release of LH & FSH from the pituitary is stimulated by Gonadotropin Releasing Hormone (GnRH) from the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus is stimulated to produce GnRH when it senses low levels of steroid hormones, such as testosterone and estrogen. (hypothalamus [GnRH] --- > pituitary [LH & FSH]--- > testes [testosterone])
    On the other hand, when the brain detects high levels of steroid hormones it suppresses the release of GnRH, LH & FSH, and eventually testosterone production. This is called the negative feedback loop – the normal daily rhythm of hormone production.

    Resveratrol 100 increases GnRH release by preventing the negative feedback of steroid hormones on the hypothalamus through GABAergic modulation and estrogen blockage*.
    In other words, Resveratrol 100 offsets the suppression of steroid hormones in the brain, allowing the body to produce more testosterone than it normally would, by up-regulating GnRH and LH & FSH. More testosterone means more strength, confidence and sexual prowess.
    * Remember, maintaining normal levels of estrogen is an important part of maintaining libido, muscle recovery, and testicular function. Therefore, it is undesirable to overly suppress estrogen levels. The natural anti-estrogens in Resveratrol 100 gently balances and controls estrogen levels, without overly suppressing them, this is why res100 works so well.

    What are the ingredients and how do they work?
    The first ingredient in Resveratrol 100 is resveratrol (99% ultra-pure trans-resveratrol) Aside from the noteworthy benefits for the heart, resveratrol is an ‘estrogen blocker’ because of its unique chemical structure which binds to the estrogen receptor, thus inhibiting estrogenic activity. (1,2) As discussed before, blocking estrogen can help increase LH & FSH levels, which in turn stimulates testosterone production.
    Several studies have shown resveratrol to be a potent stimulator of testosterone production, fertility and erection frequency. (3-4) The mechanism for increasing testosterone and fertility this was linked to the estrogen blocking action, as well as the vasodilatory effect of resveratrol on erectile tissue in the penis, thus stimulating increased sexual activity. (4,9)

    The second ingredient in Resveratrol 100 is 7,8 Benzoflavone. This neuro-active flavone has the ability to pass the blood brain barrier and block the suppression of GnRH release through modulation of the GABAergic receptor complex. (6,7,21-23)
    7,8 benzoflavone also has positive effects on libido due to its aphrodisiac and anxiolytic (anxiety-relieving) effects. (10-13) By having natural anti-anxiety properties, 7,8-benzoflavone my help improve general self-confidence and well being.
    Other research has shown 7,8 Benzoflavone enhances the body’s clearance of estrogenic hormones by inducing 2-hydroxylation of these hormones. (24,25)

    The final ingredient in Resveratrol 100 is milk thistle it has been used safely to treat various liver diseases for thousands of years. Out of the dozens of published scientific papers on milk thistle, no harmful side-effects have ever been found. (1-4)It was nearly 2000 years ago when Pliney The Elder noted that milk thistle juice was excellent for “carrying off bile”. (5) I guess it appears he was right after all. Once absorbed through the intestines the biologically active flavones are immediately carried into the liver, where they begin stimulating the liver cells to revive detoxifying bile acid production. (6,7) In animals with cholestasis induced from methylated steroids, milk thistle has been shown to significantly restore bile production and bile outflow in less than 5 days. (8-10)

    What Makes RES100 any different from other Resveratrol products? Our Self-emulsifying drug delivery system
    Resveratrol has a very poor absoption rate so we made a Self emulsifying drug delivery system to increase the absorption allowing RES100 to be upto 250x stronger than standard resveratrol tablets. Try to imagine mixing a handful of chalk into a glass of water, you would see it either sink to the bottom or precipitate to the top -- that’s pretty close to how well resveratrol mixes into a glass of water.
    To show the exceptional solubility accomplished with the resveratrol in our SEDDS, we went ahead and took a 2.5mL dose (100mg) of resveratrol and mixed it into a glass of water. We then took 100mg of the exact same raw resveratrol ingredient used in res100, and vigorously shook it into a glass of water. Then they sat for 12 hours.

    As you can see, the resveratrol in our SEDDS remained completely stable and molecularly dispersed in the liquid. The resveratrol powder alone simply crashed to the bottom of glass. (“crash” means to crystallize, separate or no longer be in solution -- aka, not be absorbed into the body)
    CAUTION our SEDDS is so powerful it will increase the absorption of any other vitamins or medicines you take with it.

    How do I take Resveratrol 100?
    The most efficient way of administering resveratrol in humans appears to be buccal delivery, that is without swallowing, by direct absorption through the inside of the mouth. When one mg of resveratrol in 50 mL solution was retained in the mouth for one min before swallowing, 37 ng/ml of free resveratrol were measured in plasma two minutes later. This level of unchanged resveratrol in blood can only be achieved with 250 mg of resveratrol taken in a pill form. (26)

    We recommend:Take one 2.5mL dose, 1-2 times daily, 12 hours between each dose. Hold it in the mouth for 2+ minutes so it may absorb through your veins and gum's and then swallowing allowing the SEDDS to work in the digestive track. So there is now two points of absorbtion. Shake bottle well before each dose. Take with or without meals.

    Can Resveratrol 100 be used for PCT?
    Yes, Resveratrol 100 can successfully be used as a part of PCT for re-starting testosterone production after a suppressive cycle.
    For more information about using Resveratrol 100 for PCT, please ask on the forum.

    Are there any side-effects?
    When used as recommended, Resveratrol 100 is completely safe and side effect free.

    Nutritional Information:
    100 servings per container/50 days
    serving size 2.5mL
    Each 2.5mL contains:

    • 100mg trans-resveratrol 99%
    • 100mg 7,8 benzoflavone 99%
    • 250mg Milk Thistle Plant Extract (silybum Marianum)
    • 200mg Minimum Total Flavonolignans
    • 75mg Silybin

    Other Ingredients:
    Self-emulsifying drug delivery system [Distilled water, exthoxylated sorbitan trioleate, dimethyl isosorbide, ethyl oleate, sorbitan monolaurate, ethoxylated mono and di-glycerides, medium chain triglycerides, grape spirits, sesame oil, phospholipid complex (phosphatidylcholine, lysophosphatidylcholine), glyceryl triacetate, tocopheryl acetate, hydroxyproply methylcellulose], malt syrup, natural almond flavor, sucralose, trisodium citrate, simethicone, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate
    References can be googled and found on various medical and scientific journals.
    Video of resveratrol health benefits can also be viewed on youtube by searching: resveratrol 60 minutes

    Over 50! Res100 Reviews including several before and after blood tests can be found here:

    Scientific References:
    1. Resveratrol in Cardioprotection: A Therapeutic Promise of Alternative Medicine
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    2. The Red Wine Polyphenol Resveratrol Displays Bilevel Inhibition on Aromatase in Breast Cancer Cells
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    Milk Thistle:
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    Resveratrol's Many many health benefits and how it was discovered.
    Also how it has effected life extension in animal models.
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    Resveratrol 100 Customer Testimonials

    1. Got the results of some blood work back last weekend.

    In a range of 8-28nmol my test levels came in at 27nmol using the supplement for 4 weeks.

    Past results from the start of the year showed between 9 and 15nmol within the same test range of 8-28nmol for my total testosterone levels.

    One thing to also note is that the previous 4 blood tests I had prior to this (taken over a span of 3 years) have shown signs of hepatic cell damage to the liver. My levels are now well within the normal range.
    Dosage of the liquid res100 was at the recommended 2.5ml x 2 a day.

    Forum member: adz82
    Liquid RES100 blood results.
    Blood result scans:

    2. I have been using res100 on and off now for over 1 year and found that it has boosted my testosterone levels higher than anything of its kind including tribulus terrestris which makes res100 the best test boosting supplement on the market.

    I have also had several blood tests confirming my testosterone being raised to a very high level, in fact actually higher than the normal range and a very low estrogen reading.
    This product really works. I highly recommend this product to anyone especially aspiring bodybuilders.

    Adam Blinoff
    IFBB Pro Bodybuilder (1st place winner of 23 IFBB tittles)
    IFBB Pro Judge
    Personal trainer
    02 9907 2230
    Resveratrol 100 Review

    3. 8th July 2010. 1 Week update

    What's definite
    # Im definitely sleeping better, Im falling a sleep with-in 30 minutes which is said to be near optimum compared to sometimes lying in bed through-out the night not being able to fall asleep. My sleep is not broken up compared to the 1-2 times I usually wake to have a slash. Im waking up after 8 hours like clockwork & have no trouble getting out of bed compared to sleeping for random periods & snoozing for at least an hour.

    Could be effects/ placebo
    # My sex drive seems to have improved, im not a walking hard-on but I do appreciate a slim/ curvey/ toned/ busty/ blonde/ brown etc (get me ) & get worked up over it.. lol Opposed to having a fine check list to tick off before to arouse interest.

    # My strength & performance in the gym seems to be on the rise also.

    # I also feel better all round.. more confident, witty & enthusiastic..

    16th July 2010
    16 days in, I can confirm that I am an walking erection & it's quite embarrassing walking round with the misses in public. Also might add, my sperm production has literally doubled (as in volume) ...
    Strength seems to be coming along nicely. 17th August 2010
    Nearly finished a bottle, here are my findings

    ~Better quality of sleep, sleeping through the whole night & not wanting to sleep in anymore opposed to sleeping in up until 10-11 on weekends.
    ~Improved libido, never have trouble get aroused anymore.. It's a noticeable improvemen.
    ~Mood, I used to swing from mood to mood before, I've seen a vast improvement in the last month or two.. Im regulating my mood much better.
    ~I do feel a little stronger in the gym & my volume has definitely taken an upward hike, training up to 2 hours regularly.
    The above is what I have noticed/ felt & I think it warrants/ justifies me buying another bottle & recommending it to 3 of my friends for purchase.

    Forum member: Tomek Resveratrol-100 log

    4. Well after 4-5 days of taking it heres my opinion, got more energy during the day FOR SURE, really feel "good" for some reason (cant really explain it) id say its just the energy increase, my sleeps are now really deep and am finding Im getting better rest because of this, but not waking up grogy.

    Is it worth it? Yes. Just the extra energy i get and the sleeps im getting are really good, old man reckons ive been more positive since taking the stuff (i dunno about that) so Im happy to keep using it. will update for long term affects on muscle later on..
    Forum member wishiwasbig Resveratrol -100

    5. 16th July 2010 Decided to give it a go after it was suggested to help with insulin resistance. Honestly I didn't expect anything but since I found nothing to say it's kill me or turn me purple I decided a firm "why not?"

    I'm on day 3 and I don't know if it's me imagining it, or if it's because of something completely different but I feel GREAT. I have so much more energy than I usually do. I'm sleeping better, I need less coffee (and as a huuuuuge coffee drinker that's a big thing). usually I'd drink 5+ cups a day and flake out by 9pm now I think I could survive a day on one cup and still work out in the evening.
    My house is cleaner than it's been in a long time and I am possibly slightly hyperactive.
    my blood preasure feels 'normal' rather than low and I just feel really good.

    26th July 2010 Still feeling really good. For the first time since, well, forever the boys have gotten sick and I was sick and sniffly for about 3 hours yesterday. Usually they come down with something for a few days and I'm knocked half out for 2 weeks (mainly because as a stay at home mum I don't get days off so I never take the time to recover properly). Not only that I ended up going on a spur of the moment 2 hour hike yesterday afternoon and I could have done it again even with the momentary cold I got.

    Forum member: Pam Resveratrol 100

    6. Here's my review on R-100 on a few different test subjects.

    Now i wish i had gotten blood tests from my clients but unfortunately it was hard to come by with their busy schedules. i trialled R-100 on 3 of my clients, one middle age, one 60+ and one female in mid 30's...all have been training consistantly for 2+ years.

    The most significant and standout result was from the 60+ male....after returning low test levels he was prescribed andriol, now already having prostate issues this made it worse. After only 1 dose of R-100 he reported this to me the next day...due to the inflamed prostate he would usually wake up 2-3 times every night to urinate, the 1st day of R-100 he was able to get a continuous sleep through the whole night, the inflammation of his prostate has now decreased quite alot.

    The middle age male reported significant increases in energy levels and well being throughout his day, and increased strength during weights.

    The female result was a bit of a surprise, she didnít report any benefits for at least 2.5 weeks, by the end of the 3rd week i was noticing a lot of aggression during her weights sessions, she report dramatic increases in her libido....and most surprising of all under her own admission...she reported the skin on the back of her thighs to have tightened up and there was visible reduction in cellulite.

    These are what my clients reported to me directly. i must say after a bit of scepticism i'm very curious to see what effects the ongoing administration of R-100 will have on my clients. All in all some very promising results.

    Dev Personal Trainer from BodyLine Supplements Level 1, 258-272 Illawarra Rd Marrickville 2204 Tel: (02) 9573 1333

    7. 17th March 2010 Quick Update:

    Blood test results before and after 1 week
    LH: 2 - 4
    FSH: 9 - 12
    Test: 9nmol/l - 15nmol/l
    Free Test: 30 - 31
    SHBG: 16 - 14

    19th March 2010 Update:

    It all started with uncertainty and doubt about Resveratrolís ability to increase Test. The first week I noticed nothing, it's been 10 days now and the last few days my sex drive has increased slowly; i didn't notice at first, but it must have been rising the last 5 days... i just realised today how much i'm thinking about sex and it clicked that this is exactly the same way i feel on tesosterone (not AS much but substantial improvement).

    So yes, this stuff has increased my sex drive, marginally increased test levels after 4 days, and the blood test in 2 weeks will be the real decider!

    23rd March 2010 Update:

    It's been 2 weeks since my first taste of Resveratrol. As most of you know I was very skeptical at first but now i'm convinced.

    Day 7 - LH/Test levels had increased.
    Day 10 - Felt more horny.
    Day 14 - Feeling HORNY probably 70% like I did while on gear. Possibly more frequent erections and easier to get physically aroused but still trying to decide if this is coincidence.
    I had a feeling ejaculation volume had increased but i am not getting regular sex and not masturbating so i cant be sure just yet.
    Feeling more happy, less stressed, stopped SSRI's, feeling pretty good.
    7th April 2010:
    Finally got my bloods back. Before/After 25 days.

    LH: 2 | 6
    FSH: 9 | 14
    Test: 9 l 20 (nmol/L)
    SHBG: 16 | 14

    I'm impressed with the result. I've never seen my test levels above 12 before. To think 1 week after starting it my test levels went from 9 to 15 nmol/l... amazing. LH trippled! SHBG lowered slightly and remained unchanged after 1 week.

    Definitely noticed libido increase. Felt a little better in terms of general wellbeing. I'd recommend this for people with low test, even for ppl with normal test.
    Forum Member: Plexus Resveratrol Review - Page 5

    8. Wicked Resveratrol 100 Liquid or Powder 8/10 - this is proberly one of the ONLY Australian made PCT supplement that works as good if not better then all of the above in PCT. This made me have better and longer sleep patterns,waking up with wood and general feeling on a high. Used along side nolva after my last cycle and blood work was within normal range after 8 weeks post cycle. Awesome Product and only one of it's kind available as yet i am lead to believe.

    9. Not using it as PCT but just a test booster, really great product though - it gets two thumbs up from me as well

    10. I am currently using Wicked supplements Res100 in the liquid. just as a general health thing. im already a good sleeper so no real improvement there but it has made my libido higher. LINK REMOVED RIVAL FORUM

    11. Look into Resveratrol. the best natural test booster i have used it Res100 by wicked supplements. i use it during my pct. LINK REMOVED RIVAL FORUM

    12. When Im on it I feel good. I sleep very well and have not been sick, mind you I donít get sick very often anyway. Havenít noticed too much of an effect on my libido though I did ramp the dose up a bit and felt the old joints drying out so maybe thatís why.

    I like the product a lot and the tococaps have become a staple whether Im taking the res100 or not LINK REMOVED RIVAL FORUM

    13. Best libido supplement Wicked supplements res100. LINK REMOVED RIVAL FORUM

    14. I've used and am currently using the old res100 powder. I've used it after H-drol and solo. Perfect recovery from h-drol and everything you would expect when used by itself. Increased libido, increased sense of well being, boners everywhere, etc, etc. To sum up, I think it works perfectly both as PCT (providing HCG is used for oils) and as a solo run. LINK REMOVED RIVAL FORUM

    15. After ON's advice, I upped the dose from 2.5mL twice a day as per the bottle to 4mL twice a day... There's a noticeable change now!
    Libido is higher, generally am more alert and awake during the day, gym strength is increasing, fat is coming off much easier. Res 100 Liquid How is everyone finding it?

    16. I was using the powder verson while i was on tren e, it was the only thing that helped with sleep, Res 100 Liquid How is everyone finding it?

    17. Its day 4 and ive noticed better sleep, deeper sleep, easy to wake up and i was sick this morning but i think somehow res has helped as i dont feel to bad now Res 100 Liquid How is everyone finding it? - Page 2

    18. I was taking the suggested 2.5ml (twice a day, gargling in mouth for 10mins) and noticed that my libido was dropping, so i lowered it to 1.5ml (twice a day, gargling in mouth for 10mins) and i feel horny throughout the day, blow huge loads, harder yet bigger hard ons, sleep is better, more energy throughout the day, less fatigued, increase in strength and muscle gain while on cut, fat loss rate is higher, angrier quicker, never get sick etc i could go on for ages Res 100 Liquid How is everyone finding it? - Page 3

    19. i came off cycle about 15 months ago and i didn't use hcg, instead i bought the triple stack from ON, the stack had res + vit e + something else(blocks cortisol) lol, it had 3 seperate products.

    Resveratrol = increased libido, its as simple as that, i used half the recommended dose and my libido went up(i was juicing for 1.5 years prior to this), i guarantee it will do the same for any of you guys, try it and get back on here and let me know how you went! Res 100 Liquid How is everyone finding it? - Page 4

    20. Jumped back on res100 and god how much did it miss it Res 100 Liquid How is everyone finding it? - Page 5

    21. Been off the gear for a few weeks now and started my res100 up last week after finishing my hcg. All I can say is Wow. Its pretty amazing stuff, am I meant to feel awesome on it? What is that? Ive never experienced it from the juice, yet this makes me feel more how do I describe it, muscular and tense, im planning a blood test very soon so ill keep you all posted Res 100 Liquid How is everyone finding it? - Page 5

    22. I am in my 4th week of RES 100, dosing at 2.5ml every morning, and it is truly incredible for a natural supplement. I have been using test boosters on and off for 5 years (as part of PCT and solo runs) and this is by far the most effective product I have used to date. My mood, libido, and intensity in the gym have been outstanding. I wake up every morning feeling rejuvenated, refreshed and extremely toey. I have that typical 'alpha' feeling you get when you're on cycle as well. I am always skeptical of an Australian made supplement as there are few that can compete with the big american companies price wise and in terms of effectiveness. However I can't think of one fault with this product and will be including RES 100 as part of all my future PCT's. Res 100 Liquid How is everyone finding it? - Page 7

    23. yeah my loads are bigger when on res i think aye, i noticed since stopping the loads have become smaller. Res 100 Liquid How is everyone finding it? - Page 9

    24. Im using res 100 at the moment post cycle. Cant fault this stuff, sex drive is just as strong as it was while 'on cycle'. Had 3 orgasms last night with this hottie and Im 34, the stuff is a wonder supplement imo. Will get bloods at 6 weeks and see how Ive recovered. Res 100 Liquid How is everyone finding it? - Page 10

    25. Health, strength and motivation right now is amazing, my 24hrs on a heart monitor for my arythmia came back normal, not a beat out of place (I have cut down caffeine ), but I just want to punch on!! Res 100 Liquid How is everyone finding it? - Page 10

    26. My last shot of prop was 11/07 so its been a bit over a month now and feeling great. No crash, sex drive strong as usual and looking forward to getting bloods done in a couple of weeks. Res 100 Liquid How is everyone finding it? - Page 11

    27. Subjectively after 1 week.

    : higher energy / motivation levels
    : lower stamina
    Surprisingly tired, after shovelling/moving 15 wheelbarrow loads of Wet Sand, normally I would have enjoyed the workout, but at the end I was just tired and shattered.
    : Muscles feel tighter / Pumped.
    : Missus says Iím more snappy / irritable

    Iíll keep updating in a week or so.

    Just coming up to 12 days now ( 2 x 2.5ml per day, plus 1 x Tococap at the same time)
    Definitely feel " better", more energetic and more bulletproof. I'm very keen to see how this goes over the next 30-60 days, particularly as I implement a resistive exercise program.
    The wife and kids have been as sick as dogs, and I got barely a sniffle and when you get a 3y old Coughing in your face - I should have got something :-)
    I feel "on" more of the time. And more impulsive
    Slight fat loss - Visual evaluation
    Sleeping much deeper and restfully
    OH - I forgot to mention - in case anyone asks " hey hows all this affecting the libido...." +11111111
    if there was anymore "morning wood" I could change the wifes job description to "lumberjack"
    Can any one find a study to convince the missus of the benefits of a "afternoon delight"!!
    we would both ( me and the little man) appreciate the help. Member: apoptosis RES100 review and blood results.

    28. Went into it a little concerned that a natty product would get me up and running but the transition from on cycle to off was perfect. Started Res 100 the day after my last test shot ( 29th Jan ) Ive kept my gains and didnt notice any drop in sex drive. Very Proud Day Today

    29. I'm using Res100 for PCT right now. I was also a bit skeptical about using a natural product for PCT.
    However its been working a treat so far. Still get a morning erection and strength has pretty much stayed the same so it has to be working.
    Great product. Very Proud Day Today

    30. im one horny fucker regardless so it hasnít changed much there but much bigger loads. but the best thing has been that i dont look like im on cycle but i dont look like im not either, ive been getting really good pumps and havenít lost any strength, so far its been great. Wicked Supplements Resveratrol 100

    31. I don't know how quick this stuff is meant to work but hmmm yeah it's either quick to work or I'm just naturally on fire. 2 days in and a fairly big load. Lol Wicked Supplements Resveratrol 100

    32. Going good, I think the major differences I've noticed is heavy sleep, changes to my complexion and not sure if its the Res but a cold I have had all winter is completely gone.
    Have noticed alot of strength in training with less recovery time in between sets. I tell everyone its my liquid motivator.
    Feel heathy, sleep deeper, complextion is clear. Kaz's Training, Diet and Achievement Log - Page 12

    33. I am now a walkng erection lol Adz new bulk using Resveratrol 100

    34. Have been using the res now for 4 weeks, and thought I would share results so far.

    So finished 7 week cycle of 500mg test e bout 5 weeks ago, and hit the res straight after. Started at 2.5ml x 2 day, and now at 3.5ml x 2 a day. What I have found:

    - Sleeping really well
    - Horny constantly
    - Still feeling strong in gym
    - Holding good size given finish cycle and poor diet (low protein)

    Will def ccontinue to run. Res 100

    35. I use a supplement popular with steroid users (they take it after a roid cycle to get natty test back up) called resveratrol. Made from the skin of red grapes it is something I found really made a difference with my total testosterone levels. I went from 13 to 23 in the space of a month (normal is anything from 9-32) so i can say it worked for me. I used 'res 100' by wicked supplements, its a liquid resveratrol product and is used by sublingual administration. Heaps of studies on resveratrol and testosterone online man Opiates Lower Testosterone

    36. I'm into week 5 of my res 100 after an 8 week test cycle with hcg and my sex drive is actually stonger now than it was on cycle. Res 100 Liquid How is everyone finding it? - Page 11

    37. I havent been sick since taking RES100, AND I have been around snotty nosed coughing children.... ~*Official*~ Off-Topic Chat - Page 28

    38. Im into week 5 of my res 100 after an 8 week test cycle with hcg and my sex drive is actually stonger now than it was on cycle... quite unusual and I cant explain it but loving it all the same lol Res 100 Liquid How is everyone finding it? - Page 11

    39. And if that ever happens, I shall take a loan to buy enough.
    Never off it, Can't get enough haha I do 3ml every 12 hours, although I'm 112kg - Seem okay? Res 100 Liquid How is everyone finding it? - Page 11

    40. I have used RES 100 in the past as both part of my PCT and as a solo supplement.
    Whilst using the minimum dosage of 2.5ml per day I got crazy dry and had the libido of a 14 year old.
    I recently started using Bioforge V3 and it is no comparison. I'm 7 weeks into my Bioforge cycle and have already PM'd O.N. asking how long I need to wait before I can get back on the RES 100.
    Will be using the toco caps with my next run too. Res 100 Liquid How is everyone finding it? - Page 12

    41. Day 2 of using res 100. Had heaps of energy in the gym but the muscles couldn't keep up. Aussie Gym Junkies - View Single Post - KhromZ's PHAT Log

    42. Just like to say Res is amazing! I've never felt this alive since the teenage days! Res 100 Liquid How is everyone finding it? - Page 13

    43.I have been using Res100 for about 4 weeks now and haven't had any issues with sleep but I do have my 2nd dose at around 4:30pm.
    Only issue I had was the niggeling little headaches in the first week (due to detox) but once I got over that, I am definitely noticing a general feeling of well being, waking up hard and the boys are always ready for some action so I have no doubt this is some top stuff. RES100, just started.

    44. I myself have also just started taking it, but noticed my first attempt at getting friendly with the wife, I was an improved version of myself.
    #6 hours later and 3 doses, I feel bigger in that area when aroused and certainly a massive confidence booster. Is this normal or just placebo?
    Has anyone else experienced this? Resveratrol-100 log - Page 2
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    Hi ON.

    I would appreciate removing the links to rival forums.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Hammer View Post
    Hi ON.

    I would appreciate removing the links to rival forums.
    Hi Hammer,

    The links are associated with each persons review and its not all to 1 forum there is many forums there, it does also legitimise each review so people can see they are real people reviewing the product.

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    I appreciate that but I don't want links to AGJ here.
    They would not like links to Ausbb on there site nor would you on yours.

    I'll remove them otherwise.
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    we are running 15% of Res100 and TocoCaps at the moment with coupon code: res100
    code expires end of the month.

    This is a great test boosting stack.

    Also we have a website for this now too. Wicked Supplements
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    Making The Most out of your Supplement Stack

    Recently we were able to see an outstanding blood result of 54nmol/L with a very strict stack and diet that was followed. The Person who got the result was Adam Blinoff IFBB Pro Bodybuilder, he can be contacted to confirm his result at his store in DeeWhy Fitness First NSW.

    This result is some what similar to taking 2mls of testosterone per week and the results felt were also very similar as the testosterone level is equal to that of 2mls of steroids per week. Many people will obviously flame and doubt this statement but read on.

    Now over the last few month Adam and I looked into what aspects of testosterone creation you can effect in a positive way through your diet and supplementation. The stack we have used we think can still be influenced to go higher as we didnít effect all areaís of testosterone creation but we did effect most of them.

    Ok so here is how the body makes testosterone so you can understand how you can effect it.

    1. The hypothalamus releases GNRH (gonadotropin releasing hormone)
    2. This GNRH hits the pituitary and stimulates the release of LH and FSH
    3. LH and FSH hit the leydig cells within the testes to stimulate them to produce testosterone.
    4. The leydig cells then recruit good cholesterol to be transported into the cells to be converted into testosterone.
    5. the hypothalamus reads how much testosterone is in the system and makes a choice to make more or less testosterone.

    These 5 points is basically the HPTA (hypothalamus pituitary testicular axis) your daily rhythm or circle of testosterone creation.

    Now how the right diet and supplementation can effect all aspects of what is described above.

    Res100 as most of you know effects both estrogen and the negative feedback loop so that basically covers points 1,2,5. Effecting the feedback loop here is by far one of the most important reasons why Res100 is as powerful as it is, putting it into a totally different category to other testosterone boosting supplements where those other test boosters can only take you to a certain height and then the signal from the testes is received by the hypothalamus and testosterone creation is plateaued and nothing further is made so this is where Res100 takes over and takes you much higher in making more testosterone than you otherwise would normally.

    LH and Cholesterol, now we need to make the most out of LH and we want as much good cholesterol in the system as possible, the more good cholesterol you have available the more can be converted into testosterone.

    TocoCaps increases the potency of your LH that is released if you see this study here it explains it:
    What TocoCaps also does is not only increase the potency of your LH but the uptake of LH into the leydig cells and also decreases your bad cholesterol (LDL) and increase your good cholesterol (HDL) which is exactly what type of environment we want to create in order to make more testosterone. So basically more potent LH more uptake of LH by the leydig cells and better cholesterol levels.

    Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO), now with this you must make sure you get the extra virgin as it is the least treated and most virgin of all types of olive oil, what this does is increase good cholesterol and by doing so it also decreases bad cholesterol (LDL), the higher the output of LH you create with your supplement stack the more and more good cholesterol is going to be required. To take this simply add 20ml to your shake or put it on top of your foods, based on how well your stack is working you are going to need to slowly increase this amount from 20-50mls maybe even higher Adam was at the end at about 90mls per day. Do not heat the oil as then it just converts to trans fats and is useless. If you are worried about the extra calories its usually only 8cals per ml you can drop some carbs from somewhere in your diet, but EVOO will in most cases help you burn more body fat as it is a phenol like DNP.

    D-Aspartic acid as many of you know there was an italian study done and it increased test levels by 42% on average, what most people and supplement companies didnít look into was the mechanism of how it worked and how you can make this not the vital part to your stack but simply a part of it to help in the HPTA axis. D-aspartic acid is the transport amino acid that transports all that good cholesterol into the leydig cells to be converted into testosterone so the more D-aspartic acid is in the body the more transport buses you can have to transport all the good cholesterol into the leydig cells.

    ZMA many many people over look how good ZMA is and why you need it, a normal male will sweat out Zinc and Magnesium each day and we need to replace it, if you have a look at you can see that you need 11mg of Zinc and 400mg of magnesium per day the only supplement i have found to have enough of each is ZMA Pro by universal Nutrition.

    On top of this you should be eating fish at least 3 times per week if possible and consuming a good multi vitamin, if you are on a calorie restricted diet the testosterone levels will always be less than normal due to the body making a choice of what is priority survival ie breathing, heart function etc or hormone production. The only other detrimental factor in trying to get your levels as high as possible is steroid abuse where the leydig cells within the testes have had a hard life and simply donít want to work in full capacity and/or some of the cells have died.

    This may all sound like an ad to make you buy 4 different supplements and yeah it will probably help sell them all together but the science is right here staring you in the face.

    Here is the stack if you are interested:

    Next on our trials that we are doing to try and get an even better result is going to try and effect SHBG and cortisol to see if we can create more free unbound testosterone. But as far as this stack goes so far it is by far the best result we have seen effecting so many aspects of testosterone creation, gone are the days of just lowering estrogen.

    The crux of the stack is the res100 without it, the levels wouldnít be possible and then i would put EVOO as the 2nd most important aspect without the good cholesterol there in your body you just wont have the food source to convert into testosterone.
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    This result is some what similar to taking 2mls of testosterone per week and the results felt were also very similar as the testosterone level is equal to that of 2mls of steroids per week. Many people will obviously flame and doubt this statement but read on.
    2mls of test at what strength?

    Well lets assume it's weakly dosed at 100mg/ml it still a reasonable amount of test and if that were the case it would be an industry first and bigger than any other supplement or mild steroids.

    BUT, I think you meant 200-250mg/ml than that would be 400-500/mg of test. Some serious muscle can be gained on that dose.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Hammer View Post
    2mls of test at what strength?

    Well lets assume it's weakly dosed at 100mg/ml it still a reasonable amount of test and if that were the case it would be an industry first and bigger thanany other supplement or mild steroids.

    BUT, I think you meant 200-250mg/ml than that would be 400-500/mg of test. Some serious muscle can be gained on that dose.
    Lol. I was waiting for someone else to notice this but i suppose supp companies are well known for always telling the truth so it must be true. Haha.

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