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Thread: Gaining a gut

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    My advice to you is to not make a conscious decision to eat more, but let your training dictate your eating habit based on the way it (your training) would influence your appetite. Give yourself some time and do not force the issue of weigh gain.

    Heed fadi's advice here.

    The workout is the key, having said that-using exercise as a means of weight control is speciou at best, it's more what you put in your mouth and how much.

    Instead of viewing you diet as a day to day look at it weekly, you would actually be suprised how little actual food is needed for a weekend warrior, not a full time proffesional.

    Actions verify priorities

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soontobeex-skinny View Post
    Hi guys, I'm 18, 185cm (6'1'') and 78kg. I've been bodybuilding for the past month and a half and in that time have gained 4kg.

    Issue I'm having is though... I'm gaining a gut. Now I don't mean just some inevitable babyfat, I mean a bulging gut. Ontop of it I have gained quite a bit of flab aswell, but the most noticeable thing about the changes I have seen in my body is the huge gut I've gained. After eating the size of it drastically increases and as such I am hopeful that it is just a result of eating such a large amount of food, but as the days go by I'm more and more unsure.

    So my question is: How much of a gut should you expect to gain when bulking? What is acceptable? How can I go about reducing it (generally speaking)?
    Could be just your stomach stretching from all the food. If you worried about actual fat gain around the mid section try some fat calipers.

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