QLD - Lifters! Post Location + Gym!

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  1. blakeimage
    Hey folks,

    Thought i'd throw up an introductory thread so we can get an idea where everyone trains and whether there's someone nearby or even at the same gym.

    Me: Southside, Browns Plains - Gym: Lifestyle Health & Fitness Wembley Road.
  2. lkt004
    Noosa, - GYM: Oneline, quite possibly the worst gym in the world.

    I'm always keen to go to other peoples gyms and train with them, shoot me a pm if anyones keen.
  3. MikeW
    Hi Blake,

    I'm at Bardon working out at Toowong FF.

  4. Fenrir
    In the outback, used the local gyms, had our own olympic weightlifting club for a while and now workout at home.
  5. toasted
    Hey Blake,

    I used to work out at Lifestyle on wembley road a while back. I now work out at home. Im southside at calamvale, at the moment.
  6. trofius
    Rockhampton, I workout at the goodlife gym. Saving for a power rack and weights so I can workout at home.
  7. toasted
    Trofius, Buying a power rack and weights was the best thing i ever did, the amount of freedom you have when training and not having to wait for idoits doing curls in the powerrack makes it so much better.

    The only thing i miss is watching the hot chicks in tights on the treadmill.
  8. joshcore
    Sunshine coast
    gym: Home & resort facilities
  9. Sticky
    Hey guys, Im in South Central Brissie.
    Im training at home, anybody is more than welcome to come round for a session. We should orginse a meet and do some lifting, mini strong man style
  10. FINGRD
    Way up north Townsville.
    Only trained at home, in the process of making up a rack.
    And also trying to find any cheap weights, the hand me downs from my old man an a few from other friends are starting to come to an end, only so many 2.5kg plates i can stick on the end before no more fit
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