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  1. amac38
    I'll start:

    Name: Alvin
    Age: 18
    Suburb: Canning Vale, SOR
    Gym: Muscle Pit, Cannington and home gym
    Training experience: 1+ year

    I made this social group so we can all keep in touch and maybe all meet up and have a lift! If you have any ideas be sure to post a new discussion.

  2. eaglebay
    Name: Gary
    Age: 28
    Suburb: Bertram, SOR
    Gym: Home gym (power rack, oly bar) or Kwinana
    Training experience: 3 months proper lifting (compounds) then 7 month break and back into it again last month so only 4 months all up

    Would be keen to visit muscle pit once I get my strength up as lifts are only 95/75/137.5 atm
  3. dicko10
    Name: Ben (prefer nickname Dicko)
    Age: 22
    Suburb: Kalamunda (hills)
    Gym: squat rack and bench in garage
    Training experience: weights wise - 5 years on and off (and pretty average programs). proper strength training - 4 months

    Great intiative Alvin, I've met Alvin and look forward to meeting other WA lifters. A group lift would be fun, maybe something for over summer when people have time off work/study ???
  4. shanks14
    Hi guys

    Name: Daniel
    Age: 18
    Suburb: Hillarys
    Gym: Peak Body Nth Beach , Soon to set up home gym
    Training experience: 2 years. 1 Year properly.
  5. Paullie

    Name: Paul
    Age: 32
    Gym: Ruccis Gym (home gym).
    Training experience: < 1 year.
  6. nathanblogs
    Name: Nathan
    Age: 25
    Suburb: Riverton, SOR
    Gym: Goodlife, Cannington
    Training experience: ~1 year
  7. jamesvdm
    Name: James
    Age: 23
    Suburb: Bentley
    Gym: Muscle Pit
    Training experience: 2 months
  8. dicko10
    welcome nathan and james! was that you deadlifting 140kg in Alvin's video James?
  9. jamesvdm
    Yep 145
  10. dicko10
    awesome! nice work
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