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15-02-2008, 10:42 AM
hi fellow Ausbb users , never really ventured into these parts of Ausbb , but i'm here now , i'm a mountain biker , so thought i'd ask and see if they anyone can recommend some weight training for cycling


16-02-2008, 07:03 AM
There are many benefits of incorporating strength training into your program.

* Strength training helps prevent injuries.

* It is a great way of increasing bike strength and power.

* It is important in hill climbing, time trailing, and sprinting.

* Strength training can prevent and even reverse the loss of muscle mass.

* It can greatly decrease injury potential to your lower back, knee, and shoulder areas.

* You can have better bike control and less chance of ejection after hard landings.

* Your body can recover fast and experience less post-ride muscle soreness.

* Strength training builds power for getting through obstacles.

* Strength training can increase leg strength and help you ride faster and with less overuse injuries.

Here are some exercises that you can do as part of your strength training:

* Crunches, Squats, Leg Press, Squats

* Push-ups/Pull-ups

* Step ups on a platform with weight on shoulders

* Upright rowing

18-02-2008, 05:24 AM
Leg extensions work quadriceps in addition to working knee extensors.

Leg curls train the hamstrings Leg curls work to stabilize this ‘balance’ and thus help prevent possible hamstring injuries.

Squats strengthen the hip flexors, quadriceps, and gluteals. Squats should be performed within the proper range of motion, with feet shoulder with apart and toes slightly pointed outward.

Calf raises work the gastrocnemius(muscle that is in the back part of the lower leg and also called the calf) and the soleus (also located in the back part of the lower leg ,the calf)

Lunges are an excellent compound lift which works the quads, hamstrings, abdominals, back, and calves.

Bench presses work the pectoralis major and minor, triceps, and deltoids.

Lat pulldowns for the rotator cuff.

Sit-ups strengthen the abdominals, hip flexors, and supporting muscles of the lower back.

Military presses work the deltoids, triceps, pectoralis, and extensor muscles of the forearm.

18-02-2008, 06:03 AM
thanks guys , now off to doing some reading on these excercises

18-02-2008, 10:19 AM
if you don't have free weights available

* Shift down 2 cogs on your bike during a long endurance ride, and concentrate on pushing and pulling through the pedal stroke at 60 - 80 RPM for 30 seconds. Repeat 6 times. A second set can be done after a 5 minute rest. An alternative to squats.
* Dips on the back of two sturdy chairs.
* Crunchers for the abs and low back.
* Push-ups.

if you have free weights

* Upright rowing - strengthen deltoid and shoulder for extra protection in a fall.
* Pull up - reproduces the pulling up you use on a steep uphill.
* Squats - upper thigh parallel to the ground-for that quad strength for steep climbs.
* Bent over rowing - to stabilize the handlebars when pedaling hard.
* Step ups on a platform with weight on shoulders - one leg at a time-for quad strength.
* Push ups - mimics the push on the handlebars used during technical rides through dips and on uneven terrain.