View Full Version : Giving a description of your injury or problem

10-10-2008, 03:14 PM
When posting about your injuries please give as much information as you can. Don't just say "my elbow hurts" where does it hurt , when does it hurt , pain levels etc. Some guidelines to follow in helping to describe your injury are as follows:

When giving a description of your injury; be as specific as you can give all the detail that you can manage such as; the type of pain ( is it a pain consisting of burning, aching, stabbing, numbness, etc.), on a scale of between 1-10 how severe is the pain ? And also the specific location of the pain.

What type of motions makes the pain bite? What activity(lifting, sports, etc.) caused the injury or the pain to happen?

While Ausbb - Australian BodyBuilding does offer this Injiry section it should not be relied on as a source of medical advice you should always consult a doctor.