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30-05-2012, 10:01 PM

BODYBUILDING is no longer a male-dominated sport.

International Natural Bodybuilding Association state president Sam Attrill said just as many women as men were competing in the sport.

"It would certainly be 50 per cent, if not more towards the women,'' she said.

"It's certainly a growing sport. I think it has got to the point where a lot of people want to get fit and healthy now and the next step on would be to compete and to take your fitness on to the stage.

Ms Attrill said the popularity of competition categories that offered more mainstream looks, such as the sports model and figure categories, were responsible for the rise in female bodybuilders.

"A sports model basically has to look like she works out, with the difference being that she will carry a bit of body fat over her muscles you won't see a lot of definition,'' she said.
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about Sam Attril

ame: Sam Attrill
DOB: 25/08/68

Weight: 53kg

Height: 163cm
About Me: I am a mother of two boys that took up weight training 18 months ago to become a figure competitor by the time I was 40. Always having little confidence, I wanted to change that and thought competing was a good way to face my fear. I now love it and am totally hooked!
Interests: Weight training, swimming, running and riding my harley when I get the chance!
Aspirations: To compete in the 2009 Natural Olympia on the Gold Coast in October this year!
Competitive History:

2008 Elite Show Masters Figure 1st
2008 INBA WA State Titles Masters Figure 1st
2009 WFF WA State Titles Tall Figure 1st
2009 WFF WA State Titles Overall Figure
2009 Southern Hemispheres WFF Masters Figure 1st
2009 Overall Masters Natural Olympia Figure Champion

Training Resume: Mon - Fri weight sessions lasting approx. 45 mins and cardio 1 hr session per day pre comp.
Daily Nutrition: Breakfast Oats and Protein Powder
Meal 2 Protein Drink and Rice Cakes
Meal 3 Chicken and vege with rice or sweet potato
Meal 4 Chicken and vege with rice or sweet potato
Meal 5 Fish/Chicken and veges or salad
Meal 6 Protein Drink
Best Supplements: Genetix Nutrition L-Glutamine and BCAA's

Personal Advice: Try and stick to a good diet and compliment that with exercise, if you are not eating properly the body can not grow!!


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